I’m a certified brain-based coach and a communications and interpersonal skills trainer who facilitates professional and personal development. My method is to focus on Mindset & Skillset.

How did I arrive at this concept? Well, years before I was a coach and trainer, I was a top-sales person for a major media company who came in every day worrying whether I was going to be fired or get to keep my job. How could that be? Well, it was because I lacked the self-awareness, control over my emotions, ability to manage stress and work relationships, and that lack got me into a whole lot of trouble. Although this was a huge turning point, and a scary one, it was the very thing that sold me on the importance of having the right mindset.

The point is that a masterful skillset alone, without self-awareness, can lead to failure. Similarly, if one is highly self-aware, collaborative, composed under fire, and has the right mindset but lacks the skillsets of competent leaders; the ability to hold people accountable, to delegate, to influence and persuade, to reach revenue goals, to deliver tough feedback, to cultivate people, this will also lead to loss of self-confidence and diminished results.

Think about the moments when you were under pressure to speak.  It’s a meeting, or a presentation or a sales call.  Afterwards, you regretted how you said what you said, or what you said because it wasn’t objective, thoughtful, on-point or it made people uncomfortable, confused, disengaged or angry.  These are some of the unforeseen outcomes when we don’t have a finely developed Mindset & Skillset to handle these situations.

The PointMaker Differential Mindset & Skillset competencies are:

- Retrain the Brain

- Communication and People Skills

- Leadership

- Presentations and Public Speaking

- Sales

Just as expert sports coaches or personal trainers will push their clients as far as they are willing and able to go, helping them build new muscles for strength, endurance, confidence and wellness, Jackie’s methods as a coach and trainer are the mind’s equivalent – a mental workout! With a proven track record, when high-achievers commit to overcoming the barriers to their own growth, they experience powerful results.

Jackie’s clients include a variety of professionals from the C-Suite to middle managers and emerging leaders in both large and small businesses across all industries. She’s available for retained corporate consulting, coaching and training as well as for executive coaching engagements.


1982 - 2005: Advertising sales/sales management roles with The New Yorker, New York Magazine, A&E, Viacom, iVillage and Hearst New Media

2003 - 2016, Certified Coach and Facilitator for Dale Carnegie Training

2008 - Present, President of PointMaker Communications

2011 - Present, Certified Brain-Based Coach via The Neuroleadership Institute

2017 - Present, Certified Coach and Facilitator for GP Strategies

2017 - Present, Sayge Executive Coach

2020 - Present, Certified Senior Training Facilitator, Bold New Directions


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'Jackie is a phenomenal facilitator, coach, and person. I hired Jackie to co-deliver a program that focused on leadership essentials at Bose Corporation and that was the start of a wonderful collaboration that lasted for three years. Jackie came on board as the program was almost designed by the instructional designer, I had also hired but as we were preparing to deliver the pilot Jackie helped to increase the power and the impact of the program through her genuine curiosity, challenging nature and incredible experience and insights into the topic of leadership. I have worked with several external facilitators over the years but Jackie’s style, approach, care for quality and people is of a next level. When we had to suddenly pivot from live in-person, to virtual deliveries she again was instrumental in coming up with ways to achieve the same outcome of the topics and activities we had planned. We delivered the first couple of sessions together and the co-delivery was simply a joy to do, engaging our managers in the course matter whilst seeking areas to still improve and implement the feedback we were getting from our delegates, where Jackie again was very creative and innovative in finding ways to help shift the focus of some topics. Jackie has trained 100’s of Bose managers and the feedback we kept on getting from the delegates was always very positive with the audiences giving her the highest of ratings. Besides a great facilitator and business partner, Jackie is energetic, fun and dedicated to deliver engaging and insightful sessions, that captivate an audience and make them think. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jackie again at any time and can only highly recommend her.'

Jan Spooren - Global Talent Development Lead, Bose Corporation