What would change if you felt confident and were able to clearly articulate your point for every communication you had, regardless of the situation or the person? How we say what we say is directly linked to building respect, credibility and trust. The PointMaker Differential is the focus on communication techniques that yield positive impact upon others.

Coaching and Corporate Training Solutions

Remain Diplomatic & Tactful Under Fire

Be Assertive vs. Passive or Aggressive

Eliminate Microaggressions

Create Employee Engagement

Run Effective Meetings

Deliver Effective Feedback

Gain Trust, Credibility and Respect

Elevate your Executive Presence

Manage Difficult Conversations

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How to Manage your Personal Power with an Insecure Boss

Public Speaking Tip: Reveal vs. Impress

How to Stay out of an Argument

Your Reputation. Is it Built on Character or Personality?



'Jackie Kellso is one of the most influential and inspiring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Remarkable communication skills, quick thinking, genuine care for others, and an unwavering ability to motivate are just a few of her amazing talents. Not only did Jackie single-handedly inspire significant change in me, she also gave me the tools to help others in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Jackie, for all of the hard work you put into helping others.'

Zachary Rose, Founder at Rose Architects and Zack Academy