Imagine building rapport and trust with prospects by asking the right questions and successfuly selling your value. Pointmaker Differential solutions will enable you to gain the skills you need to make the sale.

Coaching and Corporate Training Solutions

Build Trust with Prospects

Leverage your Credibility

Access Your Buyers' Motives

Persuade and Influence your Clients

Get to Know your Buyer

Ask Smart, Info Gathering Questions

Be Compelling in your Call to Action

Use Strategic Methods for Closing Business

Present your Pitch to Get Buy-In

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How to Manage your Personal Power with an Insecure Boss

Public Speaking Tip: Reveal vs. Impress

How to Stay out of an Argument

Your Reputation. Is it Built on Character or Personality?


'Jackie is a phenomenal facilitator, coach, and person. I hired Jackie to co-deliver a program that focused on leadership essentials at Bose Corporation and that was the start of a wonderful collaboration that lasted for three years. Jackie came on board as the program was almost designed by the instructional designer, I had also hired but as we were preparing to deliver the pilot Jackie helped to increase the power and the impact of the program through her genuine curiosity, challenging nature and incredible experience and insights into the topic of leadership. I have worked with several external facilitators over the years but Jackie’s style, approach, care for quality and people is of a next level. When we had to suddenly pivot from live in-person, to virtual deliveries she again was instrumental in coming up with ways to achieve the same outcome of the topics and activities we had planned. We delivered the first couple of sessions together and the co-delivery was simply a joy to do, engaging our managers in the course matter whilst seeking areas to still improve and implement the feedback we were getting from our delegates, where Jackie again was very creative and innovative in finding ways to help shift the focus of some topics. Jackie has trained 100’s of Bose managers and the feedback we kept on getting from the delegates was always very positive with the audiences giving her the highest of ratings. Besides a great facilitator and business partner, Jackie is energetic, fun and dedicated to deliver engaging and insightful sessions, that captivate an audience and make them think. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jackie again at any time and can only highly recommend her.'

Jan Spooren - Global Talent Development Lead, Bose Corporation